Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This image is done using a silk flower,some old jewelery and scrapping paper,it was edited in photoshop and is now a beautiful image ready to be sold.

For some tips on table top photography check out the video below.

If you wander around your home town long enough you will soon find things to shoot,I took these one summer afternoon a couple of streets away from my home,I then took it to photoshop for an edit and added a very very brief tale of the shoes and ended up with a story image.
For this image I used some layers,brushes and gradients,it was simple and easy,I will do some tutorials in the near future to give you an idea of what you can so with a basic boring image.
Click pic to enlarge.

This was taken using the kitchen table and some pretty props,then edited in photoshop..

This photo was taken in my studio,I simply took a shot of the window sill and edited it in photoshop,there is an endless amount of things that you can do using photoshop,I cant recommend it enough.