Saturday, April 18, 2009

Photographs And Memories

Taking photographs is a passion that I have had since I was a teenage girl,I spent many happy hours in the dark room at school and then I studied photography for a couple of years at tafe.

A camera is a recorder of life and is an important extension of myself,it is a means of creative expression for a lot of artists and a wonderful tool for exploring your creativity and self expression.

I believe that all artists should have a decent camera if only to record their art work and to capture inspiration,and as an extra extension of that I recommend photoshop as it is a huge aid in presenting your art work in a portfolio.

In this blog I will be recording my explorations with photography and photoshop cs,introducing some great digital artists and photgraphers,as well as sharing various techniques using a camera and photoshop.

I hope to inspire all of your to take a camera and record your creative journeys for generations to follow and be inspired by.

Things that are handy to have other than a,printer,photoshop,oil paints,paint brushes,drying line or rack,photo cube,pretty fabrics,props,lamps,sheet of glass,the book photo shop for dummies and a good book on digital photography basics,oh yes and a space to do a photo shoot in,I use the kitchen table a lot and my studio.

Books that I recommend are...Digital Photography by John Ellis....
The Complete Idiots Guide To Adobe Photoshop...
Mixed Emulsions altered art techniques for photographic imagery by Angela Cartwright...
Photo crafts source book by Laurie Klien and Livia McRee......

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