Saturday, December 26, 2009

props and things...

The photo above is an example of a lazy photographer but it can be just what you need to get that pic done and uploaded,you can get good pics with the very basics but this can be time consuming and frustrating,you will need patience, so if you don't have all the bells and whistles don't fret,you can do quite well with out them until you can up grade.

Ive been doing some photo work with my latest dolls,and what I would like to share today is the need for a space just for photography,you definitely need a space just for doing your photo shoots and props if at all possible,you will find that if you have your space made so that it can be left unpacked then you will work more often,also a space provided just for your props is a very handy thing,it takes a lot of messing about out of the equation.
I am making a designated space for my photo cube,back drops,lights and tripod in my studio,and a space for stop motion animation as well as for props,I find that if I dont do this then I will get lazy and not work as often as I should and not work as well as I should,so organization is a must..well for me anyway,I will show a photo of my space once it is all set up next week end.

About can use any thing for props..from paper to wood,over the next few months I will be showing how to make props for different photo shoots,so stayed tuned for that.

The following vids will give you an idea of how to set up a home based photo studio...

Keep clicking and Ill add more next week.

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